Alycia Parker, 1st Shodon promoted at New Bern Karate, Boxing & Fitness under Kyoshi Simma, Head Instructor

Hanshi Issac, Alycia, Kyoshi Simma

Belt Rank Testing Requirements


Every new student starts at the same level - -white belt.  Student at this rank will be introduced to:

  • Dojo Procedures

  • 15 Upper-Body Basics (Kihon)

  • 9 Basic Kicks (Kihon)

  • Fukyugata- Ichi

White Belt 1st yellow tip

Students earning 1st yellow tip need to have demonstrated working knowledge of:

  • Know the karate creed

  • know the karate code

  • Explain basic dojo courtesy

  • Count to ten in Japanese

  • Tie obi correctly

  • Demonstrate 15 upper body basics

  • Demonstrate lower body basics

  • Perform Fukyigata ichi

 2nd Yellow Tip

  • Know who created Isshin-Ryu

  • Name the two systems that Isshin-Ryu was created from

  • Name of the Isshin-Ryu patch

  • Terms used to begin class

  • Demonstrate hand movements to begin kata

  • Know the 3 things that make Isshin-Ryu different from other styles

  • Perform Fukyugata Ni

Yellow Belt, 8th Kyu (hachi-kyu)

  • Know the Japanese word for a punch, a kick, a block

  • Explain the symbolism of the patch

  • Demonstrate a self defense technique from a grab

  • Explain the Sei San Stance

  • Perform Sei San Kata

1st Orange Tip

  • Know the code in paraphrased form

  • Know the twelve major features of Isshin-Ryu karate

  • Know the self defense principles as taught in this dojo

  • Know the three principles of self defense before the attack has begun

  • What does kobudo mean

  • What does bunkai mean

  • Perform Seiunchin kata

Orange Belt, 7th Kyu (Sichi-Kyu)

  • Name the 15 weapons of the body

  • Know the 5 principles of self defense as taught in this dojo

  • In what state does a black belt have to register their hands and feet

  • What is the legal meaning of assault

  • What is the legal meaning of battery

  • Explain and demonstrate the functions of the Sei San and Seiunchin stances

  • Perform Naihunchi kata

Blue Belt, 6th Kyu (Ro-kyu)

  • What does the theory of proportionality mean with regards to self defense

  • What are the requirements to prove self defense using non-deadly force

  • What are the elemtns required to prove self defense using deadly force

  • Demonstrate the bunkai of Sei San as you learned in this dojo

  • Perform Tokomine No Kun Bo Kata

1st Green Tip

  • Know and explain the bunkai for Seiunchin kata as taught in this dojo

  • What are the nine stances the instructor teaches in this dojo

  • Explain Se Shin Shuyo and the symbol

  • What does Yin and Yang represent

  • Perform Wansu Kata

2nd Green Tip

  • Explain the importance of proper breathing

  • Explain the proper method to execute the kiai

  • Why do we kiai

  • What are the creators four purposes for Isshin-Ryu karate

  • Perform Chinto Kata

Green Belt, 5th Kyu, (Go-Kyu)

  • What can be the medical implications of a severe blow to the solar plexus

  • Explain shock

  • What is the treatment for shock

  • Perform Urashi Bo Kata

Purple Belt, 4th Kyu (Shi-kyu)

  • How can shock be caused

  • What are some of the signs and symptoms of shock

  • What are the treatment objectives of shock

  • What are the steps for preventing and giving first aid for shock

  • Perform Chatenyara Sai Kata

Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu (San Kyu)

  • What are the secrets for conducting ones life

  • Where does Ki come from and how does one obtain it

  • Demonstrate 5 techniques from any of the Isshin-Ryu katas, explain the bunkai, then extend the techniques to show throws and takedowns as taught and shown in class

1st Black Tip

  • Explain the significance of the karate belt as taught in this dojo

  • Perform Yaku Soku Kumite

  • Perform Sunsu Kata

Black Belt, 1st Degree, Sho-Dan

  • Know all knowledge for previous belts

  • Must have taught 4 classes in the dojo prior to testing...A lesson plan must be submitted before the class (same plan my be used for all classes)

  • Must inform the instructor when they want to teach their classses

  • Submit a 5 or more page essay on what they think it means to be a Black belt

  • Must know history of Isshin-Ryu karate

  • Know some medical implications from techniques from kata as taught in this dojo

  • Know and explain the bunkai of all Isshin-Ryu kata as taught in this dojo

  • Take 5 techniques from any of our kata and show throws, take downs, breaks, chokes & escapes

  • Explain and know the self defense principles as taught in this dojo

  • Perform Sanchin kata, Sunsu kata, Bo-Bo kumite

  • Kumite with all present at time of testing

Junior Black Belt, Sho - Dan Ho

For Those who are too Young to Test for Their Sho-Dan, they would be testing for their Sho-Dan-Ho. Those who test for Sho-Dan-Ho must have a minimum of 1 year since earning Brown Belt with consistent training and perform all skills required of 1st Kyu In addition to:

  • All Eight Open Hand Katas

  • All Weapons Katas That Have Been Taught - Age Dependent

  • All Rolls and Falls

  • All 8 Kata Bunkai Throws or 8 Judo Throws or Combination Thereof

  • A More Intensive Written test

  • 30 Minutes or More of Kumite

  • Once Obtaining the Rank of Sho-Dan-Ho, the Student will be Reviewed every Year by the Head Instructor to Make Sure They Have Retained all of Their Knowledge.

*In Order Test For Sho-Dan-Ho One Must Be 12 Years Of Age​

1st Brown Tip

  • Explain the meaning of the different colors of the belts as taught in this dojo

  • What was the Okinawa defense philosophy

  • What is the Hagukure

  • What does the Hagakure teach

  • What should an Isshin-Ryu student learn from the Hagakure

  • Perform Kusanku Kata


Little Dragons

Left to right:

Back row:  Sensei Geoff, Kyoshi Simma, Sensei Christine;  Front Row: Kenny, Harrison, Grace, Wambli, Takoda

November 5, 2020


Youth Class

Left to Right

Back row:  Sensei Geoff, Leslie, Sensei Christine, Kyoshi Simma

Front Row:  Aria, Troy, Spencer

November 5, 2020

Left to Right:

Back Row:  Sensei Christine, Kyoshi Simma,

Front Row:  Notra, Debora, Sensei Geoff


Adult Class

November 5, 2020



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